3rd Middle East Molecular Biology Congress & Exhibition - Doha


We are very keen to effectively encourage the key people and the scientific community of Jordan to participate in the international event (3rd Middle East Molecular Biology Congress & Exhibition - Doha). Based on that and due to your unique personal scientific presence along with the unique role of your organization (ASSOCIATION OF ARAB UNIVERSITIES) in the region, we are sure that the attached invitation will defiantly get a consideration and get more power and more value when it is shared and circulated by prestigious names like (Prof.Mustafa Idris Elbashir) and (ASSOCIATION OF ARAB UNIVERSITIES). This simple action will greatly support all our efforts to make this event bigger and efficient internationally…..

Such activities could never be successful without the blessing and the cooperation of the main entities and brains of our region, for this reason we hope to get your approval to help us on both personal and organization levels:

  • Personal level: regular recommendation through the social medial, or/and direct invitation to those that would be interested in attending this congress from your network, will be more than enough.
  • Organizational level: we are looking to circulate the attached invitation through the official channels of your organization to invite your partners, staff, researchers and technicians to participate.
  • We are willing to put printed poster (hard copy) at the main entrance of your organization, so please let us know the possibility so that we can send it to you by DHL.

The world of Molecular Biology is making unprecedented advances in innovations, technologies and products that are changing how the healthcare professionals engage and interact with health and disease..
(MEMBS Congress 2016 – Doha) is reputed for delivering the highest applied value to the biologists and professionals in the region.


It is less than 2 months now to reach the congress, so we are looking to receive your positive comments at your earliest convenience ….




Middle East Molecular Biology Sources

Mhd Amir Maani

Founder & Organizers Chairperson



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