planned dates and places of the educational events “EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS” in 2019/2020



It is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of the EBBS events. I would like to inform you about the planned dates and places of the educational events “EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS” in 2019/2020. Upcoming places and dates (Oman – Bulgaria – Greece):  EBBS Muscat workshop, October 27 – 29, 2019  International fair EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS, Sofia, National Palace of Culture, March 20 – 21, 2020  EBBS Greece workshop, March 23 – 25, 2020 “Education beyond borders” is the biggest and the most important educational event in Bulgaria. We have presented more than 450 representatives from all around the world for the last ten years which makes “EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS” the biggest educational fair in the Balkans. The fair was attended by participants from more than 44 different countries from all over the globe. The great variety and rank the participants make the event especially valuable for the Bulgarian society and state. The International fair EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS (EBBS) is the only fair in Bulgaria which is supported officially by Bulgarian institutions and which is organized in the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe. The event is the only international fair in Bulgaria which obtained a status of National Importance for the education sector in the country. The EBBS Agent workshop is created in 2017 and it is a part of the brand EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS. EBBS Workshop brings together TOP education providers and TOP agents. The EBBS workshop brings international educational institutions, industry service providers and strictly selected recruitment agents under one roof, offering them to create long-time and fruitful partnerships and strengthen and maintain professional relationships. The schedule of workshops includes GLOBAL PARTNERS CONFERENCE on the first day and two days of face-to-face meetings which are arranged in advance. All meetings are 25 minutes long. We believe that the EBBS workshop which we organize in Muscat this October is the right place for all members of the Association of Arab Universities who would like to develop their international activities and contacts. The planned place provides them all kind of opportunities to develop their local and international contacts and promote their programs worldwide by the EBBS workshop. № 00321519 Date: 21st May 2019 EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS Bery Group Bulgaria 74, Gen. Gurko Str., fl. 1, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria Phone: +359 2 9888 604, Fax: +359 2 950 25 11 Bery Group Bulgaria 74, Gen. Gurko Str., fl. 1 Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria Website: We would kindly like to invite the Association of Arab Universities and all your members participate at International fair “EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS” and the EBBS Agent workshop. We kindly would like to ask your institution to support us and spread information to relevant institutions. Institution type: Public Universities Private Universities Public Colleges Private Colleges Public High Schools Private High Schools Institutions for vocational training, international exchange and career development Language Schools Other Secondary-Level Institutions – language, professional and others Cultural and career organizations and institutions Institutions responsible for the promotion of national education like study destination – education, tourism, culture and investment sectors Service providers in the education sector including travel insurances, online platforms and others – public and private We are happy to provide special conditions with a 50% reduction of the standard package for the Association of Arab Universities and all your members who would be interested in the EBBS events. We would be grateful if you could spread information and available discounts to all relevant educational institutions. We look forward to sharing further details about the EBBS workshop. Thank you for your attention.​

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